Kitchen with pocket doors

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Kitchen with pocket doors
Maximize Your Kitchen Storage Space with Clever Design Features: Kitchen with pocket doors

Every woman wants to use large space for a kitchen since they will add much furniture on it. If you need a solution to maximize the space in your kitchen, you need to use kitchen storage. The design of each kitchen storage item is adjusted with the need of your kitchen. Here are some clever designs of kitchen storage to maximize the space in your kitchen.

Countertop can be a focal point in a kitchen. A countertop becomes the center of activity during cooking or preparing food. An above countertop storage is a smart design of countertop that allows you to store kitchen utensils above the countertop that can be made using wall mounted hooks and rods.

You can make your kitchen look more interesting by adding a touch of color in the storage like in this picture. Red color from the shelves looks contrast with brown wooden color from the bookshelves. It will make the kitchen look more attractive and versatile.

You can leave your storage kitchen color open to make the kitchen look bigger and brighter. Black built in appliances and wood color come as an innovation for a storage kitchen. It makes the kitchen looks stunning and well-organized.

Black industrial open shelves are other furniture cabinets that you can create in your kitchen. Open shelves are practical and simple as well as can manage a lot of stuff in it. Another good thing, it can be one of the decoration elements in the kitchen since it displays the things that you put on it.

Boxed kitchen furniture is a contemporary custom kitchen design that can be a choice for people who like simplicity in adding kitchen storage. Wine storage is a classy and versatile kitchen storage design to be featured with oven. It will create organized and clear kitchen look.

If you are a fruits lover and you want to keep it fresh, a built in compartments for bottles and fruits is the solution. It will make you arrange fruits and bottles in a flexible and modular way.

Another clever and unique way to add storage in your kitchen is by having countertop with a hidden drawer that is located below the countertop. A sliding countertop hides the cooktop and other things that you do not need it. A structure of open shelves made by wooden board and metal pipes is a good way to give industrial look in the kitchen.

Free standing metallic kitchen shelves is a good shelf to put plants and herbs in the kitchen without worrying it will make the kitchen look messy.

Kitchen storage is an important feature to be added in a kitchen. It will be the place where you can store your belongings or utensils in a neater and stylish way.

Pictures gallery of Kitchen with pocket doors

  • Boxed kitchen furniture design
  • Modern built in wine frigde
  • snaidero wood details
  • Black built in appliances and wood color kitchen
  • Large Honey Comb shelves storage
  • Kitchen furniture for built in appliacens and open shelves
  • Stainless steel countertop with built in space for bottles and fruits to keep them cold
  • Floor to ceiling kitchen shelves
  • Wall spices and green storage
  • Wood color kitchen furniture with open shelves for kitchen books
  • Modular wall shelves for kitchen
  • Gray and black marble kitchen and stainless steel shelf above
  • Poket doors to hide fridge and built in appliances
  • Wine bottles storage inside kithcen island
  • Small kitchen cart with built in countertops spaces
  • Black industrial open shelves in kitchen
  • Toncelli chef center
  • Open space kitchen storage shelves from glass
  • Toncelli under counter storage
  • Keep kitchen utensils in built in spaces countertop
  • Kitchen island in black with wine fridge
  • Slinding countertop to hide the sink
  • Industrial kitchen island with open space storage and two doors wood countertop
  • Modern white kitchen furniture and built in appliances
  • Free standing metalic kitchen shelves
  • Countertop with a secret drawer
  • Built in appliances flanked by wine storage spaces
  • Kitchen with pocket doors
  • Built in compartiments for bottles and fuits to keep them fresh
  • Small wine bottles storage in kitchen
  • Gatto wood storage
  • Stainless steel bar to store pots and mugs above pit
  • Wood space to store glass wine
  • Above countertop kitchen utensils storage
  • Kitchen island with books storage
  • Modern furniture for kitchen in two tones
  • Thin space storage for books in kitchen
  • Pocket doors to hide the kitchen sink and storage shelves
  • Add a touch of color with open space bookshelves in kitchen
  • Kitchen island pots storage
  • Gatto wood storage unit
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